Pevach Community Consultations in Calgary, AB is a confidential and non-judgemental support service for those in need of a guidance plan for growth and moving ahead.
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“Changing lives,     Enhancing relationships,   Planning possibilities.”

Parents demonstrate positive behaviours and can

offer quality time together as a reward.

* Tantrums can be an indication that your child


to reconnect with you.

* Parents who show interest in their child’s

education will promote their mastery.

* Parents check yourselves: your children watch

and mimic mood and behaviours.

* Children love to be listened to, and they know

when you’re really listening

* Parents and families are stronger when they

Are connected in the community

* It is easier to grow a healthy relationship from

childhood than to dig up what was lost.

* Children can become interested in a subject

when their parent shows interests.

* Not all personalities are the same- and your child

is very much an individual

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