Pevach Community Consultations in Calgary, AB is a confidential and non-judgemental support service for those in need of a guidance plan for growth and moving ahead.
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“Changing lives,     Enhancing relationships,   Planning possibilities.”
Pevach        Community           Consultations                                              Child, youth and family counselling 


Community Program Referral Services Human Services Organisations and programs can contact PCC to initiate referral services for their clients for additional community programming support. Clients who show a strong desire to achieve goals but struggle to find direction or strategies would make optimal PCC clients. By building on a client’s strengths, PCC is able to plan through barriers and offer steps for each client to achieve their goals. In this way, clients will be successful because of themselves and the steps they took to achieve success. In turn, clients should feel valued and resilient. What to Expect Individuals and families can contact PCC to set up consultation to determine if PCC services is right for you. As a family decides to move forward with the service, PCC will conduct a family intake process- measuring current family resources and capacities and discovering goals or needs for growth and development. The confidential and private information collected in the intake process will be used to develop a unique service plan, presenting steps each client commits to taking in order to build on their long-term success and well-being. The Development Plan is usually contracted for an 8-week period, which can be renewed at the end of each 8 week term.  Fees for Service Cost for consulting services will be calculated based on development plan deliverables and considers net income as a factor. PCC is a low-cost program that considers each client’s capacity for fee payment. Some clients may qualify for PCC Low Income Program, where cost can be further negotiated appropriately at a subsidized rate. Please inquire about the program for more information on qualifying. PCC Development Plans Each family and individual will have unique needs and capacities. PCC works with each client to provide a prospective guide to overcome barriers, reduce stress, and make a short-term plan for long-term success. Existing resources and capacities of a family or individual will be accounted for and will be used in the Development Plan, such as: - Family connections - Community or work experience - Goals and passions - Community engagement - Attitude and beliefs - Cultural strengths. Current needs of a family will be address and a short-term plan organized for accessing resources, obtaining strategies, and achieving goals determined in the intake process. The Development Plan is created in cooperation with each client through an intake process, offering a guideline for success. Clients should feel capable and valued. The plan’s strategies can be adjusted at any time to configure to the needs of individual families.  Communication Communication with the counsellor and each other as a family is essential for development plan success. The consultation plans are provided as guidelines for moving forward and achieving long-term success beyond the plan, while the clients will need to follow collaborative steps and process provided, in order to achieve their own success. Communication with PCC is a crucial to alter or build on a plan that is flexible and adaptable to each family. If any part of the plan is not working for any reason the client should communicate with the PCC counsellor as soon as possible to adjust the development plan or services provided. Confidentiality PCC is a non-judgemental service which collects your personal information in order to understand the needs and resources, which become built in to your service development plan. Your information is protected under Alberta’s PIPA privacy legislation for private business, and will never be shared publicly or privately with anyone else. The exception is in PCC’s legal obligations for disclosure as determined by law or disclosing when individual is at risk for hurting themselves or others.