Pevach Community Consultations in Calgary, AB is a confidential and non-judgemental support service for those in need of a guidance plan for growth and moving ahead.
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“Changing lives,     Enhancing relationships,   Planning possibilities.”
Pevach        Community           Consultations                                              Child, youth and family counselling 
Pevach Community Consultations (PCC) is a private consultation service for families and individuals in need of a growth and development plan. The entrepreneurship of PCC is to promote strong families and strong communities in a holistic way. Each family is unique and PCC’s services uses capacities and strengths of a family, while guiding and self-awareness and pathway to success.  Each family will require different resources and guidelines, and have different goals and needs. The coaching relationship is very personal, and each client will respond differently. The PCC service is non-judgemental counselling service that can work with families and individuals in all walks of life, to counsel opportunities for well-being and personal development


Individual Coaching PCC can support individuals to work through barriers which prevent goal achievement. Many PCC services can be used in conjunction with community resources, such as with mental health support and counselling. It is important for PCC to understand the level of needs for each individual, in order to assess the necessity of external resources in the client development plan. It is important to PCC to see individuals recognize their strengths and abilities to achieve goals and improve their lifestyles. PCC is a supportive and non-judgemental service to present goal achievement directions for each individual to engage with. Individual support plans may include: Community engagement Adult education Mental health management Stress management Relational mediation Physical health
Child and Youth Counselling There are many community resources available for those who are concerned with their child's mental health. PCC is able to help a family access one of these resources, and can to work with children and adolescents in addition to counselling services. PCC will seek to understand each child as an individual, considering personalities and temperaments in its approaches and strategies with children and adolescents. The PCC counsellor will also work with the parents who will be enforcing and implement the strategies provided by PCC a client plan for each child’s personal success and behavioural development. Key factors of the Development Plan for your child/youth include: - Internal motivation and goal planning - Processing thoughts and behaviours - Building self-esteem - Increasing relationships - Understanding personal needs and self-care - Academic growth
Family Development Healthy relationships are sustained with healthy communication, self-awareness, and time and effort. PCC can assist families in building communication practices and understanding individual perspectives. With the desire to build on current relationship barriers can be reframed and understood in different ways. Parents will have the support to work through the frustrations of parenting, and understand just how much a parents’ role influences family well-being. Children and youth may gain a better understand of their role within the family, and how to own their own behaviours and consequences. PCC will be able to provide valuable resources for in-depth counselling or psychological needs at the clients request. Relational counselling needs may include: - Increasing positive influences - Strengthening family bonds - Mediating communication - Increasing community connections - Parental support and discipline - Increasing children’s voice to be heard