Pevach Community Consultations in Calgary, AB is a confidential and non-judgemental support service for those in need of a guidance plan for growth and moving ahead.
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“Changing lives,     Enhancing relationships,   Planning possibilities.”


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Calgary consulting Mount Royal University Calgary Class of 2012 · Bachelor of Applied Child Studies Degree · Calgary, Alberta Mount Royal University Class of 2009 · Diploma in Child and Youth Care Counsellor · Calgary, Alberta About PCC Pevach Community Consultations (PCC) is a private consultation service for families and individuals in need of a growth and development plan. Each family is unique and will require difference resources and guidelines for service delivery success. PCC uses capacities and resourcing, while guiding and building on a client’s awareness of his/her pathway to success. The counselling relationship is very private and personal, and each child will respond differently. It is important to remember the Calgary consulting counsellor will have agreed to a confidential relationship with your child and has a duty to stick to this. The only very rare exception where the counselor is, by law, required to disclose information if a child or individual was at serious risk of harming themselves or others. The counsellor at Calgary consulting is not there to judge you or anyone else in your family, their sole purpose is to help you and/or your child manage problems and stress factors, and then find directions and solutions to guide a child, family or individual in resolve barriers in a positive way.

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Communication Communication with the counsellor and each other as a family is essential to the development plan’s success. Consultation expertise are provided as a suggestion for moving forward and achieving long- term success, while the client will engage with the steps and process provided in order to achieve their own success and personal value, and essentially increase each client’s Resilience to handle future stress issues and barriers. Communication with PCC is the most important factor of success, to alter or build on the development plan which is flexible and adaptable to each client. YOU are the expert of your family!

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