Pevach Community Consultations in Calgary, AB is a confidential and non-judgemental support service for those in need of a guidance plan for growth and moving ahead.
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“Changing lives,     Enhancing relationships,   Planning possibilities.”
Pevach Community Consultations  (PCC) is a Calgary-based child, family and community service                Vision PCC’s vision is for all families and individuals to be offered the opportunities they need to overcome every challenge, achieve a unique plan for success and become more resilient and connected within their community. As a result, clients should feel valued and capable of building on their long-term success.  Mission PCC would like to see each client use the development plan to actively engage in achieving goals.. Clients are shown a way to grow and develop success and a greater sense of well-being.  Goal All families will have the opportunity and apply courage and motivation to be successful and feel valued, by applying themselves to the Development Plan’s co-operative steps and initiatives. Families and individuals will find direction, access resources, and utilize tools provided by PCC, increasing community engagement personal achievement
There are some who would say that help is only a delusion, a confusion, a sorry state of mind. What is conceal, is revealed, and then waiting, anticipating, what help can pro-create. What is sorry is the illusion, the confusion, that we are all alone. When a mind is full, And meaning seems useless, There is always someone there, to care. Take hold, set the mould in the right direction. Fight the urge to be alone. And stand strong with one who cares. * Written by Darlene L Pevach 
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